Three Waves, a dream cycle

by Life Between

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Three art songs that wander through subconscious landscapes. Aethereal in their rawness. Obtrusive in their quietness. Using only the logic and often only the meter of pure human emotion. Like a dream, these songs, without notice, travel to inexplicable places that seem familiar, but if considered in waking thought are horrifying at best. Listen with the lights out, and let your mind wander for as long as you like.


released December 22, 2011

Andrew Coulter - guitar, vocals, harmonica, piano, trombone, vibratone, production, songwriting.




Life Between Atlanta, Georgia

Just a kid in love with art.
I'm constantly looking for new cats to make music with, so send me a message if you're at all interested.

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Track Name: Floating
this skyline plunged
the pedestrians
watched from below
as the overturning
masses of the cold
swept you clean

the night
we thought we were alone
the opening doors
this season is blue and grey
could you
hear the sounds it made
the bones it shaked
the hands it wrenched away

this deeper night
where are all the streetlights
that we gazed at
they were our dreams
the horizons that we
cannot reach

sing to me

the way you startled
it proves you have life
everyone saw it in your eyes
this luminous mist
extinguished, they say

average men dont feel the cold
it is my fancy
it is my delirium
what is real in this
deluged world
what have you seen

sing to me

have you
seen the growing depth
the more we fell
the more i thought
this season is eternal
there is no rest
but there is

the masses sleep
we felt their thoughts
their misconceptions
the waves are me
the light i see
but we sleep until we learn to be
Track Name: Trailing
i've seen you across
the fire light
layers of loss
above the tide
i floated beside

like flashes
every signal passes
and the interval
grows high
i'm trailing behind

brought me around
for long this time
traveling down
your voice is dry

stretching to break
distances will shake you
i am trailing now

grey line of sight
we are sinking the night
i floated under

it pulls my hands apart
it pulls my hands apart
you are growing dark

stairways all pass me by
stairways all pass me by
im trailing behind
Track Name: Turning
empty eyes
dim out
we sang
where is the ground

give up leads
long days
out held
out prayed
stretch, lost in the way

clouds are turning
clouds are turning

oh, grey hope
long road home

drawn out fear
wide space
nights pull
fields to wait

run like gaps
bring out
the need
its starting to shout
push, end to all doubt

clouds are turning
clouds are turning

like flashes
we are out of chances